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The Tutu Foundation Mediation Service provides mediation in the context of large organisations and between individuals. Ultimately problems are resolved by individuals. The Tutu Foundation Mediation Service also offers Seminars, Lectures, Talks, Conferences and Training programmes that are designed to help organisations and individuals understand how to communicate internally and externally in challenging situations and how to resolve conflict.

The Tutu Foundation Mediation Service approach to mediation is founded in the principles of Ubuntu and Existential psychology. Ubuntu is a South African philosophy roughly translated as ‘humanity towards others’. Its principles, as expounded by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, approximate closely to existential philosophies. Both are concerned with how we exist in the world and with others.

If you are reading this page because you are are looking for help resolving a conflict between two private individuals then please read this page: “Help with private mediation”.

You can find out about our highly experienced team of mediators here and our work with the NHS here.

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