Help with private mediation

There are a couple of important things to understand about mediation services:

  • We can only mediate if both parties have agreed to take part in a mediation.
  • We cannot act on behalf of one party to enforce an obligation or recover a debt from the other.

We are a charity but we also need to be sustainable. For any mediation we have to charge a minimum of £100 + VAT.

Sources of free or low cost advice:

The Citizens Advice Bureau and Community Law Centres are both networks of organisations that offer free or low cost legal advice and have considerable experience dealing with disputes between individuals and between individuals and businesses including landlords.

Help resolving the dispute including free mediation:

If your register your dispute with the Small Claims Court or through Money Claim Online you may well lead to an offer of free mediation. The Court may also be able to get in touch with the other party and will have greater leverage to persuade them to co-operate.

I am desperate and I need to talk to someone

Sometimes people who contact us are distressed and say that they are desperate. Disputes of any kind can be very distressing particularly if they affect your ability to find a home or provide for other people.

If you want to talk to someone who will listen try talking to the Samaritans (telephone 116 123) or walk into your nearest Church.